How To Design & Source Your Fashion Products


Whatever your fashion sourcing requirements, we can help. We’re experts in taking your product to market, we’ll bring your ideas to life.

Stage 1) Design


However you feel most comfortable presenting your design brief is up to you, we can work with anything you might supply.

Bring your ideas to life

Some clients are very specific over what they want & just require us to professionally draw their ideas & make them factory ready.

or..leave it to us!

Some clients have vague ideas or ’sketches on the back of napkins’ & looking for us to develop those ideas further.

STAGE 2 ) Costing


When sending your designs for costing we will consider things such as; the product type, likely production quantity, likely production lead time, likely average regional unit costs, as well as other specific factors specific to your project.


We will help you estimate not only the individual unit prices of each style, but any other possible additional charges such as Freight, Duties or Taxes to deliver your products.


Assuming you are still happy in principle (subject to seeing samples) with the total budget, we can then proceed to the sampling stage.

Stage 3) Sampling

The majority of the time your designs will be sampled using the correct fabrics however, on occasion, if the fabrics is specialised or not available then a substitute similar fabric might be used.

During initial sampling not every style in every colour might be produced. On occasion one sample of one colour way might be sampled & additional dyed colour swatches might be supplied for the alternative colour ways. Other elements such as prints or embroideries might be supplied on fabric swatches.

We strive, where possible, to ensure your initial samples are as close to your bespoke design as possible but without order commitment it’s not always possible.

Stage 4) Bulk Order

Placing the bulk order allows our factories to produce your bespoke fabric, dye your bespoke colours.

You can also provide your label for us so the factory can be able to branding your clothes with your own label and own barcode.

Once your samples have been received, we will again work with you on your comments.

Stage 6) Bulk Production

Once you have given approval to do so, the physical bulk production can start.

During production, in-line quality control checks will take place. In-line quality control checks are undertaken at random throughout the different stages of the production process to try to eliminate or rectify any possible issues as they occur.

Once your bulk production is complete your products will go to the pressing & packing stage ready for shipment.

During the packing stage, all your products will be in quality control and double-check with our team. Once everything is checked and ready to go, we will arrange shipment to our UK warehouse and do order fulfilment.

A further & final sample will be sent to you. This is called a ‘Shipment Sample’. This sample is pulled from random from your bulk production.

Due to Shipment Samples being provided from finish bulk production, no comments or changes can be made.

The purpose of a Shipment Sample is for you to confirm the final production matches your expectations & for you to give the approval to ship.

Stage 7) Shipment And Delivery

Subject to the qty of goods to be shipped & cost considerations, we can ship via Road, Sea or Air.

Once your goods arrive at air port they will be customs cleared & the delivery instructions will be arranged with you prior to final delivery of your products. 

All your products will firstly arrive to our UK warehouse where we will double check all your goods and provide warehousing & order fulfilment.


The lead times for design through sample development, from bulk production through finally delivery are subject to many factors & each project is unique.

Factors such as...

Size of collection
Product types
Number of comment changes
Number of sample rounds
Fabric lead times
Production lead time
Freight lead times

Please allow roughly the following lead times

Design – 2-3 weeks

(subject to collection size)
Sample Development – 3-4 weeks
Physical Bulk Production – 4-6 weeks (once approval into bulk production has been given)
Shipment – 3-6 weeks

(subject to country of manufacture & freight method)

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