Samples & Pre Order

1. Ordering Samples

We are happy to offer our customers the opportunity to check out our products with purchasable samples. If you’d like to purchase a sample from us, please refer to the following instructions and information on purchasing samples.

1a. Requesting Samples

Any sample requests please let us know by WhatsApp + 44 7568 275197 and send request to email

1b. Sample Pricing

All sample prices follow the same pricing calculation: £50 per style (ex VAT), which can redeem when order is placed. Customers both domestic and international will also be responsible for covering delivery and shipping fees.

1c. Refunds

We do not accept refunds for samples unless you have placed an order with us.

1d. Next Steps

If you decide the sample is to your liking, and you wants to proceed for your order, Email us at and let our team know!

1e. Placing Order

By the time you are ready to place your order after reviewing our sample, we cannot guarantee the availability of stock at that moment of time as it all depends upon items demand in market and time duration you have taken to review the sample.