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Moguland Limited has invested in a large supply chain company, which mainly manages the whole supply chain from fabric development to fabric production, from garment design to pattern making and so on. The company covers an area of about 6000 square meters, with talented designer team of more than 50 people, 30+ Pattern Designers and 80+ Pattern Cutters.

IT Department can manage publishing more than 50+ Samples in 3-7 days, with monthly publication volume of more than 10,000 samples. Our samples room is equipped with embroidery, jujube, button, eye, pressing, digital printing and other clothing equipment. 

Our Fabric Warehouse and Accessories Sample Warehouse covers an area of about 1000 square meters, the reserve sample cloth varieties of more than 1000 kinds. We can do monthly production shipments of 50-800,000 pieces, the production of major customers are large chain stores, fast fashion, cross-border customers, the main core is to help customers solve cost reduction, quality and quantity, on time shipment, to the interests of the customers as the core, truly a very intelligent advantage of large supply chain management!

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